This project supplies components to help in the conversion of old legacy *film* to digital movie formats. Currently supported film includes Super-8 movies and Regular 8mm film though it is easily expanded to other formats. This project began a number of years ago as a means of translating my parents old home moves to DVD. Since I published my results on the web I have received several requests for the source-code and as a result, this "SourceForge" project was born.

This source code contains a (mostly) java based set of components that support this conversion effort. Unfortunately, it cannot be an end-to-end solution because there are mechanical components that need to be supplied - but for the motivated, it supplies a large step in the right direction. It contains: image processing routines, java TWAIN controller and debugging code, muti-media conversion components, and parallel port controller code, all geared toward conversion of film to digital multimedia format.

A description of what this project does can be found here:

I am currently only releasing source code since this project is useless without other components and therefore there is no easy way to create binaries with finished applications. Suggestions for other types of releases are certainly welcome though. Please see the summary page for the source code release.

I am open sourcing this project in the hopes that other interested developers can contribute their solutions and make what is available even more robust.

A list of other components not supplied in the project, but required for completion is:

- Java 1.4.2 or greater (it works with java 5)
- Sun's JAI (Java Advanced Imaging) extentions
- ParPort parallel port java controller:
- An MJPEG codec or some other means of creating a movie from individual frame images (such as FFMpeg or AVISynth with the appropriate plug-ins).

Note about platform support: Some of the components are written in C/C++ but these components have been kept generic and compilable with gcc under linux or Borland's free C/C++ compiler under Windows (as well as Microsoft's VC++). In general the components will run under either Linux or Windows and can probably easily be ported to other platforms with one exception. The TWAIN specific support for the control of a scanner is very Windows (and perhaps MAC - though I have not tried it there) specific as TWAIN itself is not supported, as such, in other environments. The lack of this component, however, does not mean that the other components are not valuable in and of themselves.